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Revisiting friends and Roman history

Posted 18/9/2019
We continue our trip through northern Germany by crossing the Elbe, chat with a very nice couple on a parking lot in front of the supermarket, a conversation that we have had at least three dozen times on this trip, only that this one ends with them inviting us to have our breakfast at their wonderful garden, just around the corner and we extend the chat far beyond the usual. 
After looking at some rewetted peatlands, a great way of reducing CO2 emissions and achieving biodiversity and nature conservation goals at the same time, we reach Worpswede and spend a day in 4 different museums, learning about the different artists who have workde and lived here, 2 cafes and a bicycle shop - we need another tire.
Augustin picks us up here and we spend 4 days <en famille> and start making a lot of plans for the future, like investing in the Moorbauer, a little pub in the middle of a peat area in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, where Uta has staged her first Moortheatre and has plans for many more projects. After a lovely birthday celebration and my first work-related skype conference we spent a day working in the garden with 10 people - all wonderful ways of preparing for the life after 12 stars around Europe.
In Diepholz we remeet Frank, whom we had met in the Bielowieza National Park in Poland. We cycle with him to a nice little lake and upon his recommendation dvelve back into Roman history by visiting the site of the Varus Schlacht, where a very interesting exhibition illustrates what is known and what is still unknown about this famous Roman-Germanic encounter.
A city walk of Bad Bentheim, where we learn about its famous sandstone, exported all the way to Indonesia (then Dutch colony and the Dutch were the obvious clients). A nice transition to country number 20 on this trip: The Netherlands.