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Towards Oslo

Posted 15/8/2019

Finally on Wednesday the package with my medicine arrived after more than a week delay making Røros the place we spent most time this year: a full week! Luckily Røros is 600 m high so cycling on to Oslo we always had more downhill than uphill.

A week of cycling through nice landscapes and small museums: we took small back roads all the time, some were rather sand or pebble paths and thus a bit challenging with all our weight, but there were also days ´when we had perfect roads almost exclusively for our use as most cars took the fast road. We learned about moose and other northern wildlife in the Elgsenteret in Evenstad, about the history of wood exploitation and the fate of the Travellers (Roma people who came to Norway via Scotland) and 18th and 19th century country doctors in Elverum, the experiences of the Norwegians who emigrated to the United States and Latin America in Stage near Hammar, the early life of Edvard Munch in Klevfoss near Adalsbrug, the creation of the Norwegian constitution in Eidsvoll and crossed the Mjøsa lake on the famous Skibladner, a historic steam ship still running daily throughout summer. The captain himself helped lift our tandem over the reiling and Andreas got a special tour by the chief engineer, a true enthusiast about the engine and his work.

The last day of cycling through Oslo´s suburbs proved yet again: do not cycle into big cities, even if they have good cycling infrastructure it is not a lot of fun… we were soo relieved when we finally reached Oppegard and found Tone´s place!