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Since we are frequentely asked questions about our bike, here some key bits of information about it:

Our bike is a special tandem, called "Pino" and made by Hase, Germany. Contrary to a normal tandem the stoker sits in the front, on a seat, in a recumbent position, whereas the captain sits in the back on a saddle in a normal position. The big advantages are: It is shorter than a normal tandem, we two can see where we go, and heads are closer together, facilitating communication. 

The stoker can pedal along with the captain, but does not have to, there is a free wheel in between. The captain steers, changes gears, and brakes. As the geometry for the stoker is adjustable (within a certain limit, due to the fixed chain length), ours can can accomodate shorters legs than Heidi´s.

Theoretically, we could swap places but we don´t really do it. Heidi is much better seated in front, and she doesn´t like to have to cope with maintaining the equilibrium of the around 230 kg in total (us two plus luggage plus bike).

No, there is no assistance. It´s not an e-bike (but the model is also available with an electric motor).

The frame can be split into two parts, it then fits in a big, but still normal-sized transportation bag for bikes. To have the option of transporting it in modes of transport where bikes are not allowed (or where the Pino simply does not fit because of it´s size), we had had made a solid (but also heavy) footprint for our tent which also serves as transportation bag for our bike. 

The transparent wind shield is an extra part from another manufacturer (hp velotechnik). It can easily be removed for better transportation.